Our Clinic Story in Orland Park

Chiropractic Orland Park IL Our Story

We commonly get asked how we got into the field of alternative medicine in Orland Park! The answer to this question hits close to home.

Our Story in Orland Park

Our eldest sister at the age of 17 was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. This took a large toll on our family, as so much uncertainty was ahead of us. The family explored multiple options and treatments from all over the world, however, our sister never saw a benefit. She would never respond well to any of the treatment options given to her and experienced many adverse reactions.

Finally, a family friend introduced us to an alternative medicine doctor. This changed the life of not only our sister but the entire family. We finally saw our sister improving and getting her life back! Since then, the entire family began a lifestyle change and started seeing our family chiropractor regularly.

To date, our sister has been able to lead a normal life and start a family of her own. Dr. Georgia and I have firsthand experienced the benefits of alternative medicine and joined the field to help others the same way our family was helped back many years ago! Alternative medicine is an innovative and patient-centered field of medicine. Drs. Georgiou look forward to improving the quality of life of their patients’ and welcome all patients to our clinic!

How We Picked our clinic Name

Many have asked how we established the name of our clinic. Drs. Georgiou are of Greek descent and follow a Mediterranean lifestyle. This lifestyle is strongly correlated to increased longevity and overall wellness. Medi was derived as a shortened version of the word Mediterranean!

Health & Wellness were derived from the fact that Drs. Georgiou offer a variety of different services that promote social wellness. A large component of this lifestyle is “Everything in Moderation”. We look forward to working with you and your family on the journey called health!


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